Application – Resident Selection Criteria Policies

The following policies have been established in order to guarantee compliance with the Fair Housing Act and to ensure all prospective applicants are processed equally.

An application is required from every prospective tenant, over the age of 18, who will be residing in the home. Applications can be submitted online by clicking the link below; or in-person at our office location. A non-refundable application fee of $50.00 per application must be received, via certified funds or online payment, before any application can be processed. If a co-signer is required, the co-signer must complete and submit an application and $50.00 application fee. Co-signers will only be considered upon property owner’s approval.

Residents are screened based on FOUR criteria:

  • National Credit History

    • A credit check is processed by a 3rd party screening company and a “Rent-wise” score is provided.
    • Burden to disprove credit report information lies with prospect.
    • Any applicant with a Rent-Wise score below an 850 must be approved by the property Owner.
    • A collection from previous landlord or apartment community is ground for automatic denial.
  • National Background check

    • A background and sexual offender search processed for each applicant.
    • Any eviction record is grounds for automatic denial.
    • Felony charges, sex offenses or domestic abuse convictions can be grounds for denial.
  • Income verification

    • Gross monthly income greater than three times monthly rent required for individual applicants.
    • Gross monthly income greater than four times monthly rent required for multiple applicants.
    • Proof of income is required and be provide in the form of pay check stubs, tax returns or bank statements. Alimony and child support are not acceptable forms of income verification.
  • Rental references

    • Two years of satisfactory rental references is required or proof of on-time mortgage payments. Rental references from family members or relatives will not be considered valid references.

If an applicant does not meet the above criteria, approval of the application must be submitted to the property owner who may approve or deny the application based on the information provided in the application screening. Applications are not accepted on a “first come-first serve” basis”; but rather any applications received, prior to final approval, are evaluated for the desired property. Due to our fiduciary responsibility to property our Owners, if more than one (1) application is submitted for a single property before approval can be achieved, we are required to select the highest rated application for placement. All applicants will be notified of a multiple application scenario.

Pets are approved per property based on the type of pet(s), size, age AND the quality of the application(s) submitted. Please click HERE – Restricted Breeds to view a list of non-allowed restricted dog breeds.

**If an application(s) is approved, a full holding deposit must be paid with certified funds within 24 hours to secure the property; lease period must begin within two weeks of application approval date. FAILURE TO SIGN LEASE AND OCCUPY PREMISES CAN RESULT IN FORFEIT OF HOLDING DEPOSIT**

A full first month’s rent, in certified funds, is required upon move-in date. If there is a pro-rated amount it will be due upon the second full month of the lease period.

By clicking “Apply Online” below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the above Residential Selection Criteria Policies and agree to the terms set forth above.