Main Street Properties, through an affiliation with Zillow, is pleased to offer the following rental rate estimation tool. Just type in the address and city and state, or zip code below.

Please note that this information is prepared and presented by Zillow, a third party provider. Due to the nature of the data & the method of application that this tool uses, a high degree of adjustment may needed based on condition, demand, availability and/or outdated or inaccurate figures.

Main Street Properties always evaluates the individual needs of our clients, their properties, and the overall market to suggest a proper rental range. We understand that every day that a property sits vacant is lost revenue that cannot be recovered (it is better to have rental income at a slightly lower initial rate, than none at all). Here is an example of that principal:

Vacancy Period4 weeks12 weeks
Occupied Period11 months9 months
12 Month Period$12,100$10,800

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